Hey there! 👋

I'm Brandon Perfetti.

A Project Manager + Software Engineer from Orange County CA, crafting efficient and user-friendly digital solutions.

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in navigating the intricate landscape of real estate technology, crafting digital solutions that are both efficient and user-centric. My journey has been marked by a progressive transition from specialized roles in data integration to leading edge front-end engineering projects, particularly with Lone Wolf Technologies. This path has been fueled by a relentless pursuit of technological excellence, driving significant advancements within the teams and projects under my stewardship.

My Journey 🚀

My professional odyssey commenced in the realm of data services, focusing on the seamless management and integration of complex data systems. This foundational role at W+R Studios honed my skills in ensuring robust data ingestion and optimized output via GraphQL APIs, serving a broad spectrum of SaaS products tailored for the real estate sector.

As I elevated to the role of Senior Data Services Engineer, the scope of my responsibilities expanded dramatically. I was entrusted with the orchestration of over 250 distinct data feeds, overseeing their daily management and leading the quality assurance for new integrations. The primary aim was always clear: deliver timely, precise data with minimal latency, thereby enhancing the end-user experience.

My journey took a pivotal turn as I embraced the challenges of Front End Software Engineering. Here, my focus was on driving innovation through detailed planning and execution of UI/UX strategies. The landmark project of refactoring an internal data ingestion tool, which I led, not only quintupled data feed integration speeds but also achieved widespread adoption across the organization, marking a significant milestone in my career trajectory.

Present Focus 🎯

Currently, my professional endeavor is to pioneer intuitive, robust, and scalable front-end architectures. My portfolio, including the comprehensive overhaul of a data pipeline ingestion tool and the development of my personal website, stands as a testament to my dedication towards continuous improvement and making a tangible impact.

Solutions & Problem-Solving 🛠

My career is built on identifying and solving intricate problems with no apparent solutions. Through a refined skill set in troubleshooting software and hardware issues, I excel in identifying negative feedback loops and transforming them into positive outcomes. My approach isolates the root cause of challenges, paving the way for multiple resolution scenarios.

Enterprise Client & Project Management 🤝

I thrive on effective communication and meticulous time management, which are crucial for achieving successful projects and client satisfaction. By setting realistic expectations and consistently delivering beyond them, I guide clients through tailored project pathways, ensuring a service experience uniquely catered to their specific needs and objectives.

Development & Technological Excellence 💻

With a solid foundation in technology and over ten years of cross-disciplinary experience, my role extends beyond mere participation to actively facilitating product inception, pragmatic execution, and seamless rollout. My dedication to crafting scalable solutions, optimizing internal processes, and fostering result-oriented teams underscores my unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value in every project I undertake.