Know Thyself

Man Meditating

"Scientia potentia est" - Thomas Hobbes

Knowledge is Power

It is through the intellect that man rules the universe.

Your forces of mind are more easily motivated when you fortify yourself with knowledge.

The pen is mightier than the sword...

This does not mean you need to be a college graduate to succeed in life.

Many great men have successfully risen to high-level positions, who did not have a formal education.

Those who went on to educate the period and contemporary masses of society.

Philosophers like Socrates and Plato founded their own schools.

Wisdom is often an innate trait in some of the greats.

"If you do not know your place in the world and the meaning of your life, you should know that there is something to blame; and it is not the social system or your intellect, but the way in which you directed your intellect." - Leo Tolstoy


Crafting Knowledge

All knowledge begins with this precept, "Know thyself".

"Nosce te ipsum" - Delphic Maxim

To Know Yourself, Observe the Universe Around You

Stimulate all of your senses by absorbing the sights sounds and experiences that surround you every day.

Reason out why things happen in the physical and material universe under the law of cause and effect.

Study specialized knowledge that fits your business or profession.

Keep up to date on developments in your field.

Expand the horizons of your mind by absorbing as much knowledge as you can about as many things as possible.

Take an interest in a wide range of diverse subjects.

Locate correspondences to affirm your thoughts and draw analogies.

Learn by Example

Emulate the lives and thoughts of great men of history.

Find out what they thought, how they worked, and what books they read.

Learn about their lives and use them as models to shape your own.

Study books on psychology and find out how the human mind works.

You will not only be better able to cope with your life problems, but such a study will better help you to understand others better and improve your relationship with them socially and in business.

Keep it Fresh

Every day, learn something new that will add to the sum of your knowledge as you grow older.

Most people make the mistake of closing their minds to new ideas.

The human brain is illimitable in its ability to absorb more and more knowledge, as we grow older.

Science has found that an older person who has kept their brain agile and active learns and retains facts as well as a young person.

Stay Frosty

Keep your brain agile and exercised.

Math, speaking, singing, dancing, music, and writing are all substantial ways to engage your consciousness dynamically.

Any activity that is new to you that will keep your brain and body cells active and youthful, will not only add to your sum of knowledge but will also lay the foundation for better health and vitality.

Science has found that brain centers are tied to various organs and systems of the body.

When any of these brain centers are left underdeveloped, they atrophy.

And the parts of the body tied with these brain centers deteriorate and weaken, as well.

This is why old people are recommended to take on new hobbies when they retire.

Retirement (it seems) is a fast track to death.

If it Reads it Leads

Have a planned reading regimen for your future.

Read one book a week, or start with one book a month.

Don't read just fiction, but devour books that will help improve your mind and add to the sum of your knowledge.

It is good to vary the subjects to expand your horizons by thinking in a manner that encompasses many fields.

Study science and invention.

Learn the miracles produced by men's minds in our atomic age.

Study biology and learn the secrets of the vibrant and expanding world in which you live.

Study philosophy of the ages; from ancient Greek, to the teachings of far-east, into comparative religions of the world.

History is an all-engrossing study.

Through learning about the past, we are taught the mistakes to avoid in the future.


We operate in a world flooded with noise.

We must traverse the noise of the neverending flow of data.

This allows one to identify and silence impertinent information.

This levels the field, and opens the door to attaining knowledge.

We can then take those knowledge points and draw correlations to gain meaningful insight.

This insight then, broadens our mental scope, culminating in wisdom; fortified by direct connections between two knowledge points.

To the wise, wisdom is power

"Science can be divided into an infinite number of disciplines, and the amount of knowledge that can be pursued in each discipline is limitless. The most critical piece of knowledge, then, is the knowledge of what is essential to learn and what isn't." - Leo Tolstoy


This is a continuation in a series of posts, inspired by Anthony Norvell (1908–1990), a popular writer and lecturer on occult and esoteric topics. He had a knack for making old and difficult ideas into workable, practical, and accessible methods. The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind, originally published in 1963, was among his most popular works.