Why GraphQL Codegen will be the next big thing.

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GraphQL Codegen Will Dramatically Improve Your Dev Experience

GraphQL is an incredibly powerful technology that allows app developers to use declarative data querying and manipulation syntax. By asking for the specific data that you need as part of your frontend or backend codebase, it is easier to create better-performing applications with fewer bugs caused by unnecessary roundtrips to databases or web endpoints. But how does GraphQL-Codegen help improve your life? In this article, we'll explore why Codegen helps developers save time and create smarter codebases faster.

What is GraphQL Codegen?

GraphQL Codegen is a generator that turns GraphQL schema and operations into statically-typed code. It reads your GraphQL operations to produce accurate types and generate objects that you can use in your application. This allows developers to quickly implement their requests correctly and have type-safe access everywhere. So, why is this so helpful?

Easier Maintenance

Developers no longer have to manually write out types when using GraphQL operations. As GraphQL schemas change, the related operation types automatically update in Codegen. Maintaining the database gets easier since developers no longer have to remember what objects from the database utilities call for. Code cleanliness becomes a non-issue because type checks prevent unwanted Bugs due to malformed variables. 🛠

Ultimate Reusability

By enabling developers to write functions reactively, Codegen creates more opportunities for reusability. It describes all data with simple language allowing developers to create anywhere from simple scripts to larger pieces of code. ✍️ When used properly, the reusability of code increases, giving way to better-quality products with fewer lines of code.

Greater Automation Opportunities

Code generators are a perfect way to amplify code automation. Processes, such as adding and manipulating new schemas, can all be automated with Codegen. This uses only a fraction of the time compared to traditional GraphQL APIs, such as REST. Faster development means maximizing productivity and creating new possibilities for end users. 📈

Final Thoughts

Overall, GraphQL Codegen makes developing apps faster and easier. Developers not only get better data accuracy, but also quality code, robust scalability, and increased efficiency. Implementing GraphQL into your workflow will lead to more efficient development and better user experiences overall. 🤩